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This web search is designed to help individuals, families and county boards search for providers and housing for Ohioans with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. A wide variety of waiver and supported living providers can be found, such as transportation, homemaker personal care and day services.

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Adult Day Services
Vocational and non-vocational day services needed to assure the optimal functioning of individuals. Vocational services are designed to teach and reinforce habilitation concepts related to work including responsibility, attendance, task completion, problem solving, social interaction, motor skill development, and safety.
DD Waiver Nursing
Services to an individual that require the skill, and licensure, of an RN or an LPN who works at the direction of an RN.
Employment Services
Individualized planning and supports that provides assistance for individuals to achieve, maintain, and advance in competitive integrated employment.
Homemaker and Personal Care Services
Services, supports and supervision necessary for the health and welfare of an individual which enables the individual to live in the community.
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Provider Compliance Reports
Click Start a Search to search for a provider and view their availble Compliance Reports, including citations and plans of correction.
Self-Directed Services
Participant-Directed Goods and Services are services, equipment, or supplies not otherwise provided through the SELF waiver or through the Medicaid State Plan that address an identified need on the ISP, including improving and maintaining the individual’s opportunity for participation in the community.
Transportation to day services or transportation for purposes of shopping, banking, social events, medical appointments, getting to and from work, and similar activities for people with disabilities who need special accommodations and are unable to utilize other available means of transportation.